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About Us

Jewelry to your doorstep. Impact far beyond.

Our Vision: To create a society that gives constantly and deliberately

Our Mission: To use our jewelry to bridge the gap between the everyday life and charitable giving

At Prix Fixe we believe that since time is fleeting it is important to make an impact every day. We aim to offer a service that allows you to give effortlessly towards something that you genuinely care about. When you subscribe to receive one of our boxes you will be asked to select from a list of 5 charities. 10% of our earnings from each purchase will go towards the charities that you select.

Our Duo: When Andrew met Ara at a thanksgiving potluck she was stuffing her face with turkey. After watching in awe, Andrew, not being one for small talk, asked Ara what her dream in life was. Surprised that a stranger would ask such an intimate question, Ara told him she didn't know. But the truth was that Ara had an enormous dream. As Andrew opened up to her about his own business ideas and aspirations, she realized he was not only someone she could trust, but potentially even build something with. She shared her dream to create a shopping experience that would allow customers to give towards something they deeply care about with each purchase. Blown away, Andrew decided he wanted to become a part of that dream, and she agreed. Thus, Prix Fixe was born.